Vertual Servers – Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers are rapidly becoming the replacement for a dedicated server.  While dedicated servers are still widely used and will be for some time, simply because many organisations and businesses prefer to know they have hardware, in a data centre,  that is a dedicated resource for them.

A cloud server will operate in exactly the same way as would a dedicated servers, but is part of a cloud computing environment which enables many benefits such as flexibility, scalability and high availability.

Cloud Server resources are easily scaled as a business demands.  Space, RAM, Computing Power (Cores/CPU) and bandwidth can be easily revised depending on business needs quickly and easily, without the need of a trip to the data centre.

In addition, superior robustness is built in as data is duplicated across the cloud platform and so data is not at risk from hardware failures.

Lastly, billing for Cloud Servers usually has the benefits of only paying for what you need.  Instead of paying in advance for fixed resources, billing can be calculated by the minute, hour and day and invoices accordingly.

If your considering a dedicated server its worth weighing up the additional benefits a cloud server can deliver….