Virtual Machines – Cloud VM

A VPS has been a favourite of web developers and those of us that have high traffic ecommerce sites.  Often with all the benefits of  a dedicated server, but at a price that is more affordable.

Well the good old VPS is being replaced with a cloud alternative. Well is there a difference? How long will VPS’ be around? What about my current VPS?

Don’t panic, the VPS is going to be around for some time.  Generally speaking the VPS is being replaced with what some would term a Cloud Virtual Machine or with something with a similar name (Virtual Cloud VPS, Cloud VM, Cloud VPS, etc, etc). The cloud alternative will give you significantly more resources and at a price that should be even better value.

Cloud VPS Virtual Machine is the new VPS hosting, allowing you to punch above your weight and is the smart progression from shared hosting. A cloud VPS will give you more of everything bandwidth, power and control because it utilises cloud technology, which is what makes a cloud VPS package ideal for businesses in start-up or who are expanding or have the potential for high traffic such as ecommerce solutions, online shops, proxy’s, mobile solutions or even multiple sites.

When your VPS contract comes up for renewal it might be worth considering an alternative that delivers much more, such as a cloud VM…
There are some great configuration available which probably will meet all your requirements. Take the time to spec out your requirement carefully and ensure that your provider can over deliver what you want. Don’t compromise anything, you won’t need to.